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Some stats by Gürkan Sengün <> | last update on Mon Nov 23 22:08:51 UTC 2009.

16756 source packages (32958 binary packages), count input file
There are 2349 official (774) or sponsored (1575) maintainers (uniq mail addresses).
20869 ports | 2099 FreeBSD port maintainers
11493 ebuilds | 263 Gentoo ebuild maintainers

People that register using Debian or Ubuntu.
Thanks to Aurelien Jarno for allowing this to be hosted on this Debian GNU/kFreeBSD box.
Thanks to Walter Zorn for the Tooltip JavaScript Library. This script was used to find 60 dead email addresses, thanks Göran Weinholt.

Homepage, Sponsor (150), FreeBSD port maintainer, Photo (206) (put a 128x128 photo of you to and /msg tarzeau on about it)
IRC nicknames (619), ICQ (249), Broken mail address , Jabber , Ubuntu , zZZ no upload since two years , this is a heart , this is a fortune cookie

Karma = (((Source + 1) * (Archived Bugs + 1) * (Sponsored Packages + 1) * (NMUs + 1)) / (Active Bugs + 1)) ^ (1 / 3), thanks to Johan Walles
Bug Rate = Active Bugs / Source | Latest Upload = as seen from mia.html (in days)

No.MaintainerSourceBinaryActive BugsBug RateArchived BugsWNPP (ITP/RFP)KarmaLatest Upload

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No.MaintainerSourceBinaryActive BugsBug RateArchived BugsWNPP (ITP/RFP)KarmaLatest Upload