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Automatic checker for source and binary packages.
(or how to waste a lot of internet bandwith, cpu power and diskspace)

31-Jul-2007 sloccount (1)
04-Aug-2007 rats (1)
31-Jul-2007 file (1)
07-Aug-2007 cflow (1)

fonts (fnt, bdf, pfa, pfb, pcf, ttf, otf)
images (bmp, png, jpeg, gif, tiff)
vector graphics (svg, ai, hpgl, ps)
audio (au, wav, mp3, ogg, mod, s3m, xm, it, midi)
video (avi, mpeg)
3d models (blend, md2, md3, obj, dxf)
mguesser (language and encoding guesser)
missing menu files
missing desktop files
gzexe and upx compressed binaries
tendra c/c++ compiled build logs
tiny c compiled build logs
intel c/c++ compiled build logs
image histograms